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Awning Cleaning

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Perfectly Clear Window Washing also offers awning cleaning. Residential awnings provide important shade for two reasons, both to help reduce direct sunlight coming through the windows and heating the room in summer, and to provide shade in an outdoor seating area.

When left up through the winter and spring, when using awnings in the warmer months they may be rather unsightly! Don’t worry we have plenty of experience and we can make everything beautiful once more.

Before & After Our Awning Cleaning Service

Our Awning Cleaning Process

The first thing we need to do is to clear the area of furniture, toys and plants, because unlike cleaning windows, its really difficult to control the flow of water and cleaning solution from going all over the place. Of course we also make sure windows and doors are closed. We will need a supply of water – an outside faucet – to work with. Any plants in the area that cannot be moved should be covered, or at the least wetted down first and then rinsed thoroughly during and after the awning is cleaned.

Next we need to test an area of the awning to make sure that our cleaning solution will work for the fabric. We are familiar with most makes of awning and many of them are marked with name of the fabric used so we know what we can safely use. Depending on how dirty the fabric is we may need to use a stronger solution to get it clean. The ideal strength will allow us to clean the fabric with a minimum of scrubbing, because scrubbing can damage the fabric and require costly repairs.

Then we inspect the awning all over for any areas that are damaged or may require special treatment due to its construction or the amount of dirt. We’ll notify you of anything we recommend at this point.

Next we apply the cleaning solution with a sprayer and use a soft brush or a sponge on an extension pole to wipe the whole area while checking that the dirt is starting to move. The we can begin rinsing the fabric from the top down making sure that it is coming clean as we go and going back with the sponge or brush to re-apply some solution if required.

Last we will rinse thoroughly including all the surrounding walls and windows to make sure everything nearby didn’t get any cleaning solution left on it. Finally we pay attention to the deck, patio or sidewalk and make sure that is at least cleaner than it was before we started.

Once the cleaning is complete we can apply a sealer solution to the awning fabric to help it to shed dirt in the future, and make sure that any sealing solution isn’t left on surrounding surfaces. These sealers are ‘misted’ onto the wet fabric and significantly improve the look and the lifetime of the awning fabric.

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